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GenomSoft is a Swiss company developing a new generation of tools and devices
for the efficient compression, storage, transport and manipulation of genomic data.


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About Us

Genomics Data Research Center


Our team is composed by experts with extensive experience in bioinformatics, information theory, enterprise software development and project management for the implementation of mission-critical systems in the domain of digital signal processing, telecommunications, information security, health-care and avionics. We have experience in software certification for safety-critical applications.

Genetic Data Analysis Software Provider


Our mission is to enable the progress of large scale genomic medicine through the development of MPEG-G, the new ISO standard for Genomic Information Representation. The MPEG-G standard has been designed by an international consortium of organizations aiming at addressing the problems and limitations of current technologies and products towards a truly efficient and economical handling of genomic information.

Genomic Information Representation Metadata


We are working to improve genomic applications with advanced features of data access and handling as well as with a dramatic reduction of both storage costs and transfer time from sequencing facilities to storage and/or analysis sites. Efficient data processing is enabled by better compression as well as by better data organization and access/sharing.


Our goal is to provide new systems and solutions for efficient genomic information processing, thus enabling large scale applications, reducing IT storage costs and facilitating data transport and sharing.

Enabling the digitalization of personalized medicine


We aim to create the technology platform needed to sustain high-performance compression, transmission
and processing of genomic data
, in order to reduce the storage size, increase transmission speed and reduce the cost 
of the bandwidth connecting the database to the processing facilities.

Genome Compression

Better compression

We are developing a new generation of genomic information compressors exploiting the available expertise in digital information processing and entropy coding.

Genomic Information Compressors

Efficient Data Access

We are working on a new genomic data format that supports most stages of existing sequencing and analysis pipelines, with a great advantage over the current practice that uses different file formats at each stage.

Efficient Genomic Data Transport

Genomic Data Transport

We are improving a genomic data transport layer which provide essential features such as streaming capabilities, incremental update of data and metadata.

MPEG-G will take genomic medicine to the next level with enterprise grade
applications and devices


GenomSoft is currently working with several companies, research centers and academic institutions for the development of new solutions for efficient genomic data storage, transport and manipulation in the framework of international collaboration efforts.

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