ISO/IEC 23092 (MPEG-G) compliant codecs

GenomSoft works with its parent company GenomSys to integrate MPEG-G compliant codecs in genomic data processing applications to enable institutions to fully benefit from the advantages of the MPEG-G technology from today, well before the official ISO standard release expected for early 2019. As for the case of digital media (from mp3 to Ultra-HD TV), we expect MPEG-G to transform the genomic industry: for example it will open up the possibility of seamless analysis of remotely stored genomic data from an analysis center via streaming over the public networks. Differently from any proprietary solution that may be found in the market, the MPEG-G open standard also supports interoperable approaches for privacy protection, guarantees an adequate maintenance and documentation of the code as well as a continuous technology evolution of the standard. For the first time, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and research labs will be able to access, process and share genomic datasets as simply as streaming and listening to a mp3 file or watching an HD movie.

Visualisation and editing tools

GenomSoft can integrate MPEG-G codecs in software applications to enable reading and writing MPEG-G compliant files by means of decompressors and compressors. An MPEG-G editing tool is able to parse the metadata attached to an MPEG-G dataset and expose the statistics on the compressed content without the need to decompress the coded file. Other features include the possibility to retrieve remote content or send local content to remote locations via streaming or upload/download.

Security and privacy protection

The editing tools developed by GenomSoft and GenomSys can be extended with features enabling the implementation of mechanisms of anonymization, access control, integrity check, traceability, role segregation on top of MPEG-G compliant data. All stages of genomic analysis pipelines processing MPEG-G content will profit of the definition of standard interfaces for the implementation of content protection mechanism which are not enforced but only enabled by the standard. Any type of access control can be implemented on top of MPEG-G content by means of the standard interfaces and codecs developed by GenomSoft and GenomSys. This approach meets the requirements for secure genomic data sharing defined by initiatives such as the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) in its effort to make genomics medicine common practice at all levels of public health care.