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Better Compression

Every day genome sequencing centers and institutes all around the world have to cope with huge and rapidly increasing amounts of genomic data, whose compression and transmission are currently slowing down the advancement of genomic medicine.

This is why GenomSoft is exploiting all the current and available expertise in digital information processing and entropy coding in order to develop the next generation of genomic information technologies, which will improve the current standards with faster and more efficient devices for data storage and compression.

Efficient Genomic Data Storage

Efficient Data Access

Processing huge quantities of genomic data currently requires a great amount of time and resources, mostly caused by the great number of different file formats involved in the sequencing and analysis pipelines.

GenomSoft wants to simplify and boost up this very complex procedure by introducing a new data format which support most stages of existing sequencing and analysis pipelines. Also, this new format will provide enhanced and selective access to data with features that are not available in existing formats, such as SAM/BAM and CRAM.

Efficient Genomic Data Transport

Genomic Data Transport

The evolution of genomic medicine is posing a wide range of new challenges. Today the market needs better streaming capabilities, incremental update of data and metadata, and several features essential to access and transport selected portions of genomic data to end-user’s requirements.

GenomSoft’s ambition is to develop a new data transport layer able to encapsulate compressed genomic data and provide, at the same time, novel standard interfaces for access and systems interoperability.

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